Momentum is something you start to build that takes you towards your goal, once build no matter what comes on the way, you go on, you Bang On! – PRT

You start this business alone and as you work on you get a lot many like minded people in your League. You can do it slow and small or you can do it while building a momentum. Well this is a choice but most people opt for slow and small but it just doesn’t work. In Network Marketing it is rare to find someone successful who played like that and became a top earner. You may have heard about someone in your company who has made it slow, like it took him ten years to find a great person and became a millionaire. Well I tell you honestly these stories are said to just keep you in the business and not to Quit, elaborating that if you also won’t quit it may be that after 10 years you will get someone who will become Diamond and you will be a Millionaire. Be on the place of that Diamond Distributor that would you want a Upline like that? The answer is No! So, you need to take the charge of your own team and step by step build momentum but not slowly, because momentum can’t build slowly. It requires an undistracted focused till you get the speed and then just pushing harder till your team becomes a multi level money machine.

In this factor we will learn how you will build momentum in your team so that You become Unstoppable!

  • The First 30 days

6 Steps to Get a New Person Started with 10 Step Checklist for Success.

  • Gamify your Business

2 Simple Steps to Make Network Marketing a Game to Play.

  • A Fine Line

Understanding How to Jump from Failure to Success.

  • Rebuilding Your Team & Even Better

How to Rebuild your Organisation.

  • Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

3 Mistakes that Kill your Business.

  • Habit Formation

6 Most Important Habits to Form to Be Successful in Network Marketing.